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Chern Shing & Rising Star

Chern Shing Top Co, Ltd. (abbr. CSTC) was founded in 1997. We specialize in designing and manufacturing lumbar support mechanisms and parts for office & car seating and welcome any OEM & ODM projects. As the time goes by, we’ve been establishing business relationships with clients between countries around the world and Taiwan by supplying high quality products or cooperating with them on OEM projects. With many years of extensive experience supplying components, we founded Rising Star Top Co., Ltd. (abbr. RSTC) in 2001 and built up our own brand “Spine Relaxer” to launch OBM finished products such as Lumbar Support Cushions, Neck & Cervical Support Cold Memory Foam Pillows, Lumbar Spine Relaxing Multifunctional Yoga Pillows, Adjustable Backrest Lumbar Support Office Chairs and Manual & Electric Elevate Tables, etc.

Vision & Values

In the spirit of benefiting society, we keep on developing new daily used products in order to improve the living quality. All of our products are designed under the concept of promoting well beings of mankind. Hence, our user-friendly products are all easy to operate and spontaneous for users’ various applications. For manufactures, our spine relaxing adjustable lumbar support mechanisms can be easily installed on car / office seating, home chairs & sofas to enhance the function and values. For users, our Spine Relaxer series products provide firm support to help relax spine pressure and ease discomforts.


Established Chern Shing Top Co.,Ltd. as An OEM Manufacturer of Auto Parts, Office Seating Components and Sports Equipment Parts


Developed & Launched Manual Adjustable Lumbar Support Mechanism and Patented in Nine Countries within Following Years


Established Rising Star Top Co., Ltd. to Focus on the Expanding Diverse Finished Products


Developed & Launched Electric Lumbar Support Mechanism and 2-Way (five positions of in/out) Adjustable Backrest Mechanism for Office / Car seating


Cooperated with Innovation Incubation Center of National University of Tainan on Industry-University Research Project of Biomechanical Evaluation of Adjustable Sciatic and Lumbar Support Mechanism


Developed & Launched Patented Height Adjustable Neck & Cervical Support Cold Memory Foam Pillow & Spine-relaxing Multifunctional Yoga Pillow


Developed & Launched Patented 4-Way (three positions of in/out, up/down) Adjustable Backrest Mechanism


Acquired ISO9001:2008 Certification for Quality Management System


Developed & Patented Action Mechanism for Lifting Movement and Launched Manual & Electric (Lithium-ion Battery & Intelligent Control Panel) Elevate Table

Chern Shing Top Co., Ltd. & Rising Star Top Co., Ltd.

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