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The spinal column in human body consists of 26 vertebras connected together in the way that bones are jointed. The smooth surfaces of each vertebra are covered with hyaline cartilage, and intervertebral disks can be found between each pair of vertebras. In the cavity of vertebras is serum-like spinal cord, which is covered by layers of fibers. The outmost layer of intervertebral disks connects to inter-spinal ligament, so that every vertebra is connected.
Whatever people do, we normally are seated, such as when we watching TV, eating, using a computer, and reading a book. What we have done is moving from one chair to another.
Office Hours, Painful Hours?
According to The Study of Health Promotion, Attitude, and Behavior conducted by Bureau of Health Promotion, 30% of people in Taiwan keep sitting without motion for more than 7 hours per day. Actually, office workers tend to remain seated for 3 or 4 hours before taking break and even sit 10+ hours per day. It’s reported that 70% of office workers are suffering from back pain while sitting.
Sitting Does Not Mean Rest
Sitting for a long time easily cause some symptoms of headache, chest tightness, sore neck and back pain, torso stiffness and even dyspnea.


Correct sitting posture to avoid lower back pain
Sitting in a good posture to keep a perfect curvature in your spinal cord is the only way to transmit evenly distributed forces through spinal column. According to foreign research. a person's vital capacity may reach its maximum when he is standing upright. Therefore, when one has to sit for a long time an extra proper lumbar support will be a must, so that his lumbar vertebra are adequately supported, of which the curvature will resemble that of standing, and the vital capacity is enlarged and no more lower back pain.
The relaxer lower back pain ~ The Chern Shing Technology for health
In order to improve the bad postures and lower back pain, our company / RSTC followed strict core value of research and conducted countless experiments and tests. We developed and launched the multi-functional, versatile, and adjustable spine-relaxing products that the curvature is adjustable and provides fully support to user's lumbar vertebra. The ergonomic stress-relieving products help to ease the discomforts and relieve the lower back pain caused by long hours of sitting and bad postures. They will not only free you from lower back pains and maintain a natural curvature of your spinal column, they also help remaining correct sitting posture. After using the products for some time, your vital capacity is increased, blood circulation is improved, and stress on the lumbar vertebra is released. As time goes by, you become more efficient, and get a fine figure by remaining your lumbar vertebra in a healthy state

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