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RS-P01 Ergonomic Height Adjustable


  • Installed with an internal adjustable lumbar support mechanism
  • Ergonomic flexible design of side support to fit the lumber curve
  • Ideal for all kinds of seating, such as office chairs, cars, couches,…etc
  • One strap for better fixing and secures the cushion to stay in position
  • Ergonomic design to reduce user's lower back pain effectively
  • Removable cover, easy for cleaning, simply by using wet cloth to wipe the surface and available to take out for washing
  • Patented worldwide

Operation Method

  • Place the RS-P01 on the bed.
  • Adjust the desire height by turning the knob clockwise for higher and turning the knob counter-clockwise for lower.
  • The proper height of pillow is different from person to person. The most suitable height is when you adjust to the head and the vertebral into a straight line when sleeping on your side and feel smooth breathing.
  • When the pillow is at its highest point, the head will slightly higher than the spine.
  • When the pillow is at its lowest point, the head will slightly lower than the spine.

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