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RS-P02 Ergonomic Height Adjustable


  • Proper size: L590mmxW330mmx H110/85mm
  • Upward / downward range about 35mm
  • Cold memory foam, density of 80kg/m3 which provides the right amount of softness and the user won’t feel hot and stuffy after laying on it for a long while
  • Double contoured design
  • Anti-mites, anti-bacterial
  • Well-ventilated Foam & Fabric
  • Multifunctional, users can use it for diverse application

Operation Method

Lumbar Care Application:
  • Firstly, put the Adjustable Yoga Pillow against your waist and Put RS-P02 against your waist and use your hands to hold it.
  • Then, lie down and turn the knob clockwise from the bottom height to the height that you can feel that your lumbar spine is extended.
  • Keep the position for few seconds to few minutes ,in order to release the pressure of lumbar spine.
    *If at the height, you start feeling aching from back, you should lower the height.
  • Take breaks between every stretching.
    *Do not extend your lumbar over 5~6 minutes each time.

Lumbar Care Application:
  • Place it on the floor or hard surface.
  • Lay legs on the top to relax the muscles.

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